sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Who am I? What is this?

Who am I?
This is Lucas Silva, a person who wants to share with anyone my life's experience. How I came from a dark world filled of vices, to a training plan to participate in any sporting event that I propose to.

Sounds very pretentious, but I discovered (never too late) that the body, through the mind, is able to achieve any challenge proposing and turned away habits and acquire new and healthier ones.

I do not have an extensive victory and I do not have great marks (yet), but that's precisely what made me to decide to start this blog. I want you to live the progression of someone who has not covered great challenges, but soon will be.

In "Winner of yourself" you will find some stories about myself, also describe which has been my daily workout, and what purpose for.

If you like the idea of the born of an english version of the blog, please clic in "like". The idea began  when I see that I do have many visits from US.

If there is someone there, thanks for being

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